HELP! What is the family to do? What can the pastor say that will help? Many of the families in our churches have been caught! They find themselves TRAPPED! How are they trapped!




Where can you turn for answers?

The first trap is the financial trap. I can live better if...... but the "if" has a price. Before we know it, the price is more than we can pay and we are trapped in debt!

The second trap is the family breakdown. Our families are under attack. Many think marriage is an outdated institution. In many places social services make it financially appealing for a woman to divorce her husband, offering free food and housing if she throws him out. The world is doing all it can to break down the traditional family.

The third trap is the fear and fretting trap. There are so many things that bring stress into a marriage today. Financial strain ranks number one in this area. Raising children and caring for elderly parents are also near the top of the list. Mariages are under more pressure and stress today than they have ever been before!

What is the answer?

Chris and Michelle Grimbilas can bring the answers directly to you and your church. The Proclaiming Liberty Conference Series has two major goals. First to re-ignite the flames of marriage and strengthen families ties. This give families the freedom to serve the Lord as He wants rather than living a stress filled, ineffective life. Second, to bring liberty to those held captive by financial circumstances, freeing them to give more and give as God would have them to rather than worrying about paying off a crushing load of debt.

Until then, we should recognize that every situation is different. Every family is different. Every marriage is different. Praise the Lord, He never changes. The Bible offers real and practical help for families. At Proclaiming Liberty, we use the Word of God to help set you free from the traps in which the world has ensnared you.

Let us help you help the families of your church. If their finances improve they can give more to the Lord. If their lives improve, they will do more for the Lord! Either way, it is a blessing to the family, and a blessing to the church. We would like to help you be a blessing!

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